Hey Crinolites!  We want to thank our friends at TEAM SOUND for a great rehearsal last Thursday.  If you have a band that needs rehearsal space, check them out at www.teamsoundstudios.com!

While you're at it, check out Wolf Dog Studios for a great recording studio.  That's where we cut our first EP, where we're cutting our second EP (yep, it's happening) and where we live every Thursday night! Thanks Tim H. for all you do!

Yes, you heard right.  We just started work on our second EP (title TBD!), which will feature three new songs!  Stay tuned for updates as to release dates, etc.  In the meantime, don't forget that our first EP, Crino­li­neNoise, is avail­able around the globe!  Go to our Store to order!

Also check out our great interview on CU@USC as part of the TrojanVision Network!   http://tv8-1.usc.edu/?p=14008.  You may learn something about us you never knew!

Hey, when attend­ing our shows, make sure to let the door know  you’re there to see Crino­line!!  Make sure to bring your cam­era and send us your live Crino­line photos and video for our Photos & Videos page.