Hey Crinolinites!  WE...ARE...BACK!  After some time off and some reformulation,!  We've heard you missed us! A HUGE welcome (back) to our new (old) member, Bruce, who has rejoined us to totally kick ass on bass! 

Due to spreading demand, we're casting a wider net and inking gigs in Sin City and Europe! As of now, our next (relatively) local gig is at Winston's Beach Club in San Diego on April 4, 2015.  See "Gig" page for more details.  And, for our loyal Angeleno homies, don't freak! Our LA area line-up is shaping up, so check our site regularly for local updates.

Thank you, Crinolinites, for your ongoing support and fandom.  Looking forward to seeing you at our next gig!  And don't forget, when attend­ing our shows, make sure to let the door know you’re there to see Crino­line!! Make sure to bring your cam­era and send us your live Crino­line photos and video for our "Photos & Videos" page.